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Jim O'Hern LCSW, CGP & Casey Burnett LPC

This institute will utilize experiential learning to help participants become more aware of the range of feelings that can be induced by the group environment. A small portion of the time at the end of the group will be used didactically to review the days work.  

Theoretical Approach To Group Leadership:
A blend of Modern Analytic and Contemplative approaches

Learning Objectives:
1. Define induced feelings Utilize the observing ego to distinguish between historical and present feelings
2. Formulate interventions based on my understanding of induced feelings
3. Differentiate objective from subjective feelings
4. Identify emotions that attendee’s unknowingly discourage in their groups
5. Identify ways a group therapist can develop emotional willingness

How does your presentation take into consideration viewpoints from diverse populations and cultural locations?

Group presents an opportunity to become more aware of the range of feelings that can be induced by the group environment and how member’s socio-cultural history may create limitations to connections with others. As leaders, we are intentional to acknowledge our own biases and blind spots, modeling vulnerability and demonstrating openness and willingness to connect even through our differences. It is important for us to call attention to the recapitulations of power, privilege, and oppression as they arise in the group. This institute harnesses the power of the group itself as a therapeutic agent and is will be shaped by the unique conglomeration of history and norms brought in by the members.  Focusing on emotional communication, rather than intellectual understanding, Group process uses the members interactions to resolve obstacles to intimacy, promote individuation and provide the seeds for new forms of emotional connection. Group has the potential to encourage members to have new experiences that foster new beliefs and models and offers openings to try on and test out new ideas and ways of being.

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